01 September 2017

Once more unto the breach...

Tomorrow I will set foot into the PA office for the first time in a fortnight. Yes, I know tomorrow is Saturday but I have a frankly horrifying amount of printing and filing to do. I'm pleased to see everyone else has lapsed with their shorthand too. I feel marginally better about myself knowing I'm not the only one. Anyway, the important thing is placement.

After the initial migraine stress-fest of last week, this week has been much more relaxed. There hasn't been much going on in terms of news (practically every lawyer we try to talk to is on holiday) so I haven't written as much as the others seem to have done. Still, three news pieces and a feature is pretty good going. I'm actually really proud of my last news piece. It has my byline on it and everything (due to computer errors etc my first two are credited as 'The Lawyer').

This week I've been doing transcription and database work. I now have the skills to track down virtually any lawyer and find out everything about them. I have also discovered a similar tricks for businesses.

These past few days have been fairly relaxed. That's not to say I'm not exhausted. For the past week I have survived almost solely on McDonald's, croissants and free daiquiris from what used to be Peter Cook's Estbalishment Club on Greek Street (now a Zebrano). I'm going to miss spending all day in the middle of Soho. My lungs are probably black with pollution and I know the whereabouts of more sex shops than I ever wanted to (I was delighted to discover two such establishments had opened since I was last in Soho, which make up for the sleaze Soho lost when another of its sex shops turned into a respectable retailer). Life in the gutter is grand. I wouldn't change it for the world.

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