03 September 2017

Lord of the Files

I don't think I've ever seen so much loose paper strewn across one floor. A pile made up on notes that were once in fine order but are now scattered into chaos. Tomorrow morning will be dedicated to filing the lot and sorting my life out overall before heading back up to London for the final week. I can't believe how fast it has come about.

Seems just like yesterday when me, Arun and Viggo were discussing the lack of seating areas in Victoria over a falafel wrap on the very first day. I could say that I'm looking forward to the last few days but that would be a lie as the thought of exams forever looms. It's confirmed that media law is not my friend. I don't get on with shorthand that well either. Hopefully we'll be able to patch things up by the end. I think I've found some potential stories for the website and the feature was successful on top of everything else. So the two weeks have gone OK.

In terms of plans after course I'm still in two minds about whether to go find myself in a jungle somewhere or to carry on real life in a job to get further experience which is what Roberta has strongly recommended that I do. Plus I would love to be able to recall the feeling of not being in my overdraft so it looks like it'll have to be the latter. But onwards and upwards!

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