06 August 2017

Sunday Blues

On Friday, a flu that had been building over the week finally claimed victory as I lay in bed, unable to even turn my own alarm off. It's a real shame, I was looking forward to a full day of media law...

I's not been a great week. Shouts to my mate who blessed me with last Sunday by depositing some spit into my stein. It's been one of those sluggish affairs, sort of coasting along with things on autopilot without having the energy to expend any sort of effort. By the time Thursday came about, I was asking everyone what they'd done for the magazine, simultaneously realising how much I had to do myself.

It's all part of the fun though folks. I blame my illness more than I blame the course, we'll have to see how things fare when I'm healthy. Trying not to let things slip is difficult, I mean I still haven't sorted out a placement yet. Everyone I call seems to want to interview me on the spot, but until it gets to the final few days and I'm left waiting for a lifeline, I should be alright.

Now that we're past the halfway point of the course, It's a little weird. Aside form the lovely people and the weird dynamic between us and the actual PA journalists that walk past us (don't you see how they stare at us?!) taking a moment to introspect yields some interesting reflections.

Roberta said on the first day that this course would change our life- she was bloody right. I can't write like I used to, neither can I read the news as a mere 'consumer'. I'm obsessed with the word 'copy'. On top of it all, I'm starting to peer over the hill at what a career as a journalist might entail...

I just need to kick this flu first.

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