03 August 2017

More bloody ques

More bloody ques

Well the summer holidays are here, kids are on holiday that means I should be able to get a seat on the train.

Oh how wrong I was, there are more bloody ques on the south trains because of delays, why are they having delays NOW.

The government are really quick to use expensive measures to make commuters use public transport but they are not ensuring that we are receiving a good quality service.

You can't drive in to the centre of London without paying extortionate congestion charges and to top it if you forget to pay it the same day, it is at your own peril as the price increases to almost double.

If you do drive you also have to think about parking, and boy does the local authorities know how to capitalise on this as they also ramp up the parking metres to charge you a ton.

So to try and compensate they spend millions of our money advertising and promoting public transport and try to get us to buy in to their ideal way of travelling.  Of course we have to bit the bullet because they have made it expensive to drive.

But it is all a load of tosh, even though it is the holidays, there are still delays, I still can't get a seat  and there are masses of people still using public transport first thing in the morning.

Ok so it's not that bad because we re not squashed up like sardines in a can but perhaps TFL and Southern rail should think about increasing the frequency of trains, employing more train drivers and extending the amount of carriages that come along.

There is no point having 2,000 trying to board a train that only fits 1,000.

Catch you next week with my more updates from South Rail especially as they are changing their time-table over the weekend.


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