18 August 2017

Lifting the Lid

Part of living 'as a journalist' is understanding the mechanics of the world around you, particularly as it pertains to what you are doing. It might sound obvious, but there's a degree of immersion involved in writing about something, so much so that it can often consume you.

Such is the case with our beloved Prime Opportunities, a magazine that has taken up the best part of my time for the last fortnight. As much as I consider myself open-minded, the over 50s sector is something that I haven't previously taken it upon myself before to really look at. As editor, it's all I can think about now when I pick up a paper.

What is the angle, though?

Whilst its easy to talk about how the course has changed my perspective on things and reconfigured certain patterns and bad habits in the way that I've approached tasks; the most important lesson I've learnt as we reach the end of the line i that this is bloody hard work.

I do kind of enjoy it tho. It's something that I've learnt to love, the demands of being in the loop are such that takes some getting used to.

Next week, I'm off to Screen International, the Business to Business title that perhaps best embodies my aspirations. I'm excited and a little nervous. The festival scene and all that's moving inside the industry is something I've always observed from a distance and now I get to peel back the curtain. Let's see how it goes...

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