30 August 2017

It's been a while...

Seven weeks to the day since I last posted. For some reason blogging has always landed itself at the bottom of my list of priorities and this has evidently remained consistent throughout the course. So expect daily updates on here from me as I try to squeeze out in as much detail as possible what's been happening.

As I didn't go on placement I've been set an equivalent amount of work consisting of news and features (of course). Having been fully concentrated on these shorthand has somewhat been neglected, allowing for my dreams to be made up of the billion and one letter combinations just sitting there and laughing in my face. Hopefully I'll get there though.

I've been writing about medical apps for the last few days and have taken a genuine interest in the subject seeing how much variety there is out there. It's also reminded me how much I really need to get back into some form of exercise and cut down on the Chicken Cottage meals no matter how deep my love for them goes.

I also lost half a day of work due to a throbbing head which was in no way whatsoever related to any over-consumption of alcohol. I made up for it the evening anyway I swear.

Next post pending...peace.

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