29 August 2017

First Week at Screen International

A week down, only four days to go- my time at Screen International started off as a bit of a slog and quickly turned into a blast.
Surrounded on the first day by industry jargon, fast-moving festival news and a website overhaul I felt on my first day that I was perhaps the surplus to the requirements of an organisation that was ticking along like a well-oiled machine. But as I got into the groove, got more involved and generally mustard yo the courage to chat to the people around me, it became a really good time. I've been gifted plenty of bylines and have learnt the ropes of the CMS and the day-to-day operations of a magazine that wields considerable influence over its sector. 

That I found intimidating. I'm a massive film fan, as anyone who knows me will attest to-working at Screen was a sort of dream. Their writers are flying around to the worlds festivals, going to screenings, special events; networking and working inside the industry in a way that I could only listen to with mixed feelings of awe and jealously. Today they just turned down an interview with Ai Weiwei...
I realised soon on that I know so little about the film industry, and this intimidated me from the outset. How was I to get involved with a group thats knowledge and turnaround was several plains above my humble fandom? But as I worked into he rhythm of publication, the festival product the magazine has been putting together and the sort of race that it works at, I've been given plenty to keep my hands full with. And it's been great! I've learnt so much, not only about the film industry, but the practice of journalism and the mechanics of creating, distributing and understanding good content in the real, practical world.

I'm almost sad to be leaving so soon. It's not exactly been easy-I've had to learn on the spot almost everyday I've been here, and the hours are actually not that much kinder than at PA- but I've relished being given the chance to do stuff and even feel like a part of the team. I was invited out to the team lunch meeting last Friday and that was as much a personal measure of success as any. I doubt I'll get a job here It seems that everyone in the office ends up at Screen after building a considerable body of consumer publication experience. They end up here as a sort of culmination of working through several other titles and using their experience and contacts to power the industry reach of Screen.

Roberta has given us enough to keep our hands full, which hasn't exactly been ice with the long days. I wouldn't exactly say my shorthand has fallen off, but i'm struggling to commit to an hour a day and the exams next week are in need of some revision. Anyways, heres to the grind. I was half expecting Roberta to email saying weed to go into PA for bank holiday. the fact we didn't and I consider that a bonus should offer a hint about what this course has done to me...

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