11 August 2017

End of Week FIVE

Well, well, well, at the end of my first week I could have easily thrown the towel in and given up,  but I perceived stupidly thinking that it will only get better.

As the days and weeks drift by, I am beginning to feel like a shrinking violet, the once bubbly and humorous Sonia has buried herself.

It have been absolutely years since I sighed like I had the world on my shoulders, but over the last five weeks these sighs have become more frequent! Why? well I have surrendered my life and soul to the country's best awarding winning Journalist Roberta Cohen.

When I came for my interview I was informed that it is an intense course but to what extent I could have never known, but I committed myself to what seems like a life sentence and now I can't wait for it to finish.

I have already started looking at newspapers and magazines in a totally different light. I don't care what the paper, I respect them all, only when you are inside do you really understand.

Would I change this course???? YES I BLOODY WOULD, but in the words of old Bruce, I started so I'll finish.  What I should have done is pace myself and join the 22-week course, but no, I was greedy, wanting everything NOW so now I am paying the price.

But on the upside, I have indeed learned a tremendous amount and I look forward to honing my skills so that I can get it in my head how a journalist thinks and writes.

Anyway, whilst I am not looking forward to attending PA on Saturday and Sunday, I am looking forward to learning all about 'Storytellling'.

Long live Roberta

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