31 August 2017


I wasn't sure if coming home for the whole of my 'placement' period would be a good idea due to the sheer amount of work and potential distractions. But it turns out this was the right move. My bedroom is in the attic so it's a nice space to get things done.

It's been converted into an actual room I must add, my parents weren't that mean. But nothing happening in little old Chichester at the minute. Therefore I have found the process of work/revision that much easier. But do come to Chichester it's really nice and we have a great cathedral.

I've been writing out media law and magazine Industry notes all day hoping that some things will come to stick. Now my writer's bump has blown up to the size of a grape and cramp has fully taken over. But everything comes at a price I guess. I'm sure you're thinking this guy is literally just thinking of any old BS to write down, and yes, that is exactly what I'm doing.

Hope everyone has enjoyed their penultimate placement day and tomorrow is the same X

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