23 July 2017

Thinking like a Journo...

As the second week comes to a close and I've had more rejected articles than hot dinners, I'm starting to notice a change in myself.

No, not like that.

We were told on the firstly that we'd be treated like actually journalists from the off. I wasn't quite sure what that meant, only that we'd presumably be writing a lot and drinking a lot of coffee. Whilst both of those things are true, the demands of writing properly are definitely something I've had to adjust to. I'm counting the words in my sentences as I type and I'm wondering if this blog is 'news'...

What even is news?

I went clubbing last weekend and thought it'd be a good idea to ask management on the clubs second birthday, what they thought about the future of London nightlife. After all, its been through a lot over the past year or so, and it's something that always gets an interesting answer out of people involved in the industry. After a confused look, they were more than happy to oblige and an interesting answer was what I got. But alas, as I received my article back, it is not news.

It had looked like I'd gone on a night out and just tried to find any story I could, which was probably true. It brought into light just how 'news' isn't just something that you can get by having an issue and getting someone to comment on. Which is also a method I followed at the fifty plus show last week. Which leaves me in a bit of a prickly situation. I have no new news, no new ideas and a bit of a hangover. Only one of those things is responsible for the other two...

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