27 July 2017

Signs of Ageing

Week one was like stepping to fire, but then come the second week, things started to cool down a bit and we became more relaxed.

Of course in the back of my head I know the steam train would be back to roll over me like before, but now I am approaching the end of the third week and really the glass is hazy as hell.

I can't see through that black tunnel and the closer I get to the end the darker that tunnel seems.

But it is all in aid of being the finest Journalist - like heck, I will have to get through shorthand which I must say is beginning to go straight over my big head.

At the end of the first week I thought what have I have myself in for, then I went in to Roberta and told her that I had hung my hat higher than I can reach it, she kindly shirked that thought off by telling me that every student that has been on the course felt the same way.

Did it make me feel better, yes sure for the weekend, but now I am convinced that I have bitten more than I can handle.

So much to that when I went out to lunch I was doing a bit of self talk and telling myself that after this course I would NEVER give anyone an easy time, yeah right Sonia. (big softy).

Well I am not finding peace or solace during this time and even when I got home at 8-9pm I still have work to do.

God please help me to get through this course without having a massive melt down, I mean now much can one person handle??

And the amount of times that Roberta has read our articles and given them back to us, when does she get bored of reading that stuff.   I am convinced she loves it.

Well I must say that even though I feel like I have not accomplished anything, I have arranged a couple interviews and am looking forward to handing them in, because there is NO way we can get this wrong unless of course there are typos because the stories are about the people that are being interviewed.

Catch you on the flip side


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