17 July 2017


Last week we spent a lot of time on interviewing techniques. This evening I've spent a fair amount asking desperately why I didn't follow all that advice. I'm sitting here and the only thing that pops into my head is questions that I should have asked people at the 50+ event but I didn't. It's a bit like Friday when I sat at my computer, surrounded by the others, writing articles based on a press conference, muttering swear words and asking if anyone else knew how old Bob Smyth was. This time no-one else is here though - you've all gone home...
Probably I shouldn't have gone to the pub last night either. Oh the regrets. Hindsight and all that stuff.

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  1. Ooooooh Viggo, you are funny.

    Why worry today when you can worry tomorrow.

    Besides, I don't think any of us really care about Bob Smyth.



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