15 July 2017

One Week Down!

Well, my first week of multimedia journalism is in the bag. With a hefty list of writing to take into the weekend and a lot of shorthand to learn by Monday, I think the promise that this course would 'be intense' has definitely been fulfilled.

That's not to say it's not been enjoyable. I feel like a sponge this week with all the new things I've had to soak up. I feel like a lot of the next few weeks is going to be fuelled by a mixture of caffeine and determination- Roberta said she's going to push us as far as we can all individually go, whatever the hell that means. There's something quite nice about being treated like actual journalists to. On Wednesday we were told to go out and ask people what they thought about a story that would affecting them. We chose the much-discussed possibility of the F1 coming to London. Fortunately, there was a massive F1 celebration happening in Trafalgar square and we got the chance to approach and actually get some really interesting and often quite passionate answers from people.

Obviously at the end of this, the dark looming cloud over all of this becomes a reality- getting a job. I've already learnt so much about the industry, and the course is really pushing us in a direction where  understanding how the industry functions is embedded into everything we do. It's strange because after having so many written articles rejected (I'm to the only one), and finding out how little I actually know about the inside workings of the press, I get the strange feeling that in 9 weeks I'll emerge as a changed person. It's exciting- but also a little daunting!

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  1. You see it's not all doom and gloom.

    You have had a great week and there will be plenty more exciting weeks like the next one when we have Features for FIVE LONG DAYS.

    No prizes for guessing who our tutor is ;-)


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