26 July 2017

Morale, More Ale

Enthusiasm has been pretty thin on the ground today. This may well be post-Love Island blues. It could be due to the staggering number of resubmissions looming. It might be because it's a grey day outside. Who knows?

Regardless, it turns out my previous post neglected to mention an app which has become very important to us over the past couple of days: Drinki.

Were I resubmitting the post, which is almost second nature at this point, Drinki would go straight in at number one. This app/screen-bound Godsend allows you a free cocktail per day at various bars around the capital. It's fair to say we are in need of whatever we can get. However, Drinki is not conducive to a productive working environment. You soon find yourself watching the clock, to ensure all work is finished before Happy Hour finishes. Its handy feature of letting you know how many minutes' walk away your nearest free drink is has made lunchtime a competition. Although, that particular feature could do with a bit of tinkering, as what is being sold as a 5 minute walk turns out to be over an hour in reality.

We are also considering going into market research for free booze, and a small fee. The down side of this being that having to write up the report afterwards would only add to our immense workload.

Although I looked into going to a cuddle party, the marketers of which claim that my stress will be alleviated by non-sexual contact with a stranger; I disagree.

Booze is our solution of choice.

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