31 July 2017

Is it too late to be adopted?

So what's been happening this week? Not much. I'm trying to annoy various branches of government so nothing new there. I've also been appointed news editor (thanks guys!) so I'm supposed to know exactly what everybody else is doing and where they're at. I feel that would be easier if we all knew exactly what we're doing...

In other news, 19 isn't too old to be adopted, is it? Roberta and my actual mum are practically the same anyway (I seem to have a lot of very strong women in my life). This isn't the first time adoption has been discussed by the group but I feel the others have reneged on that feeling. But this is my reasoning:

A lifetime of academic over-achievement and the associated pressures has left me with severe mental health issues (pronounced iss-ues, not ish-ues). I always try to be open about these things because I believe in the importance of dialogue. This course has been no exception. I have candidly admitted to having social anxiety, autism and a severe chronic nightmare disorder (and that's just the tip of the iceberg).

Despite the fact that I am now on medication, awaiting therapy and generally doing much better, I thought it would be wise to mention these problems to Roberta, just so she was aware that it is sometimes difficult for me to do the things that are effortless for other people.

Now everyday when I come into work, Roberta checks to see how my nightmares were. When we talk about those things, I'm half convinced that I might start crying. Not just because I'm traumatised by what goes on it my head but because somebody genuinely cares if I'm okay and is actively trying to understand what I'm going through. I've never had that before. She's promised to watch out for me and tell me to take it easy if she thinks my stress levels are having a detrimental effect on my health. That's definitely a good thing. If left to my own devices, I'll work until I'm dead. But that's a psychiatric problem for another post.

My point is this: if you get an interview for this course, you will be warned that Roberta is tough. That's true - you work hard on this course and you'll resubmit your work a dozen times before it's perfect. But she also cares more than I would have ever thought possible. So if she can't be my adopted mum, I'd like to hire her as my therapist - it'll be much cheaper.

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