12 July 2017

Into The Jungle

While I can't speak for everyone else, Roberta's final words of yesterday's session left me trembling with great anticipation for what was to come today. "Remember to wear comfortable footwear" was the phrase that stirred such a feeling. Morning saw the carrying out of standard procedures; shorthand followed by news in which we discussed the structure of good press - this was particularly useful for me. The latter half of the day consisted of us putting our comfortable footwear to the test as we were sent out into 'The Big Smoke'.

Companion Rach and I set off with the task of  meeting the people of London and obtaining their views on capping the number of minicabs and if this would in anyway reduce levels of congestion. In terms of responses, I'd say we received the best of them. Not to say that these were all completely dismissive but a lot of them you would be able to relate to had you ever seen two smiling clipboard holders walking calmly towards you. These ranged from the ideal "yes sure, go on then" to the 'I-can-see-you-I-can-hear-you-but-I-will-in-no-way-acknowledge-you' look. We got a fair few of those. Nonetheless we returned with some interesting feedback having walked from one end of London to the other and visited Buckingham Palace about 4 times, so all in all it was a great day out!

Now for my hot date with a news submission sheet...

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  1. Only seven weeks to go but hey who's counting!

    I am sure you are looking forward to the rest.



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