20 July 2017

Apps for Wannabe Paps

A week after the online dating debacle and my feet are still sore. 

I've deleted Badoo, and as I still don't have the courage to dive into Tinder, I'm researching other apps which make life at PA that bit more bearable. These are my top five:

  1. Sweatcoin
I'm sure my feet will be reduced to bloody stumps by the end of this. But it occurs to me that if your feet are going to be ruined, you may as well see some compensation. This app taps into your phone's onboard pedometer to track the amount of steps you take and rewards you accordingly. Predictably, the rewards are fairly pitiful unless you're putting in serious mileage. Only 907,113 more steps until I earn a £5 Costa voucher!

  1. Pacifica
Therapy in an app. Claims to reduce stress levels with tutorials on meditation, relaxation, and mindfulness to soothe your overwrought brain. You can also keep a mood journal, so in a couple of months you might look back on your state of utter panic and be proud you made it through. 

  1. iMassageU
As trainees, funds are pretty thin on the ground for most, putting a spa day beyond reach. While there are plenty of people who'll do it for free, found every three clicks on the internet, this is the way to preserve both safety and dignity. So, if mindfulness doesn't do it for you, this app allows you to set your phone to vibrate at a setting of your choice and apply it to an aching, or otherwise stress relieving body part. With any luck, this will ease the constant state of anxiety you will likely find yourself in.

  1. Google Maps
As detailed at length already, there will be a lot of running round. And central London is something of a maze to non-cabbies without The Knowledge. Getting around is no picnic, but Google Maps outstrips the numerous TfL apps, and website by a  considerable distance. 

  1. Bevy
Booze and snacks delivered day or night. Essential. With all the walking you can splurge a little, and being honest, I don't know how I'd survive without a nightcap these days. Uninhibited  minds write better, I'm sure of it.  

Honourable mentions:
  • Whale Radio - for relaxing whale song to send you to sleep. 
  • Motivation - regular inspirational quotes for gearing up to face another day of punishment. 
  • 7 Cups - online support for when you're feeling entirely overwhelmed. 

Suggestions for apps yet to be developed: 

  • Duolingo for Teeline


  1. Thanks for this Rachel

    Have you also thought about blogging for a living? You would be great at it.


  2. I also recommend Citymapper for getting around London as quickly as possible


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