26 February 2017

Welcome back Saturday

Having survived a week on placement, it feels good to say I’ve enjoyed being a responsible employee with real tasks and ‘real’ articles to write. Apparently I’m actually not that bad at this journalism malarkey after all.

With only two weeks left of the course (how on earth did that disappear??) I mustn’t get too comfortable with the luxury that is a Saturday. Days spent at the PA office are a distant memory as I sit here on the sofa at home enjoying a(n albeit) well-deserved glass of vino, however it is fair to say that this added day of rest hasn’t helped to rally my enthusiasm for getting on with work. I’m just so snug here curled up in front of the TV.

Looking towards my second week at Nursery World I’m ready to get stuck into my feature and making the most of whatever my editors throw at me. I’m lucky to have a lovely team who put up with my queries (“what’s a synonym for nursery?” being my favourite so far) and understand that asking questions is key to becoming a better journalist. I’m excited for my final week of freedom before reality sinks in and exams descend on us. Make the most of it while it lasts, guys!

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