13 February 2017

The Wall

It is week six and I have discovered the root of all evil at the Press Association.

The Wall.

No, this is not the wall Trump plans to build to shut out the Mexicans.

Nor is it a reference to the wall that used to divide Berlin.


This wall has caused widespread sickness, claustrophobia and nearly driven twelve people to insanity.

The wall in question?

The conference room wall that shuts us out from the rest of the room.

For the first couple of weeks here, we had freedom. There was a vast expanse of space that spread out behind us when we sat at our computers.

I remember the time before the wall and the smiles on people's faces. The memory of everyone being present everyday, full of life, and not riddled with germs or on the edge of illness.

Then the wall went up and people started dropping like flies. One by one, the bug would take hold of a new victim.

The cause: the wall.

There was a brief period where the wall was dismantled and cheers erupted in celebration.

But the wall is back.

The wall is here to stay.

The wall has conquered.

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