17 February 2017

The stress of going to press

This week we have brought the fruits of our labour to fruition.

Frantic emails have been churned out in a desperate attempt to get a last-minute quote for a deadline. The relatively lax attitude we all have to meeting deadlines was no more.

I was so stressed and exhausted that when I went home on Wednesday I actually forgot what train I normally take home. Standing in Clapham Junction I was seriously considering calling my mummy to ask her where I lived...

After a strong nine hour sleep I woke up feeling fresh and ready to go...not. Two hours of shorthand on a Thursday morning does not agree with me, especially when a 70 words-a-minute speed test is thrown at you. Needless to say I didn't pass...

After the features and news were subbed and ready for InDesign. We proceed to make our work visually appealing.

Funnily enough, as a budding journalist you would expect the writing of the article to be my favourite part of the process, however I found I was drawn to the production side of things.

Seeing everything come together makes it all seem so official!

I'm ready for a seven day nap now though.

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