17 February 2017

The definitive league table of biscuits

Biscuits are a very contentious issue for the Prime Opportunities team. To sort out the arguments once and for all, I have complied a biscuit league table. I am defining a biscuit as a food that is crisp, flat and sweet. Biscuit expert David Price defines a biscuit as: "a small sweet snap that provides a sweet, sweet sliver of light and happiness in an otherwise bleak existence."

1) Fox's Extremely Chocolatey Chunky Cookies: CHAMPION

2) Fox's Crunch Creams

3) M&S Chocolate Rings

4) Oreos

5) Sainsbury's Cookies

6) Custard Creams

7) Gold bars

8) Tunnocks Caramel Wafer

9) KitKat Biscuits

10) McVities Chocolate Digestives

11) McVities Ginger Nuts

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