26 February 2017

Sadiq Khan aka my bestie

On Friday, as part of my magazine placement, I was sent to the Mayoral Education Conference. This was the first one held by Sadiq (we're on first name terms now💪), which invited head teachers from all over London to discuss how as a city, we can keep innovating to ensure our education stays top-notch.

It was really exciting to get sent out on my official reporting job, and inspiring to hear so many teachers committed to developing young minds. Was reassuring to see a few politicians speak who aren't completely insane megalomaniacs. I also got this hat as a freebie! All in all a good day.

What a foxy new hat!
I'm saying this mostly just to boast, but if you must take a lesson from it let it be this. When on placement, if they offer to send you out somewhere, 100% go. You'll have at worst a funny story,  but likely it will one of the best days of your time there.

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