01 February 2017

Pinch punch (first day of the month)!

Today I’ve decided to talk about something that not everyone on your journalism course may have much trouble with, but, let’s face it, probably will.

I’m talking about the c-word. No, not that one, this one: commuting.

The tiresome chore that everyone must make to haul themselves in from the ataraxia of home is an inevitable component of every person’s day. Whether we like it or not, the process of sitting in amongst several equally as reluctant strangers in virtual silence pinches (geddit?) us – back to the grind, back to reality.

Since starting this course, I’ve learnt that commuting can be interpreted in a myriad of ways.

If you’re feeling particularly optimistic (and live in some kind of parallel universe), you can get some work done on your laptop (lucky you, you got a seat!).

A little less so and you’re sitting squashed up against the carriage window trying desperately to cram for the news quiz Roberta will no doubt launch on you at an unsuspecting spare moment. And by this, I mean skim-reading the Metro and scouring the BBC News and Times mobile app praying that some facts will stick around long enough in your unconscious.

If I were you, I’d get cramming now pal.

As I live in London’s Green Belt, which, for most Londoners is basically the countryside, commuting for me (and a fair few others) takes a considerable while longer than those living a tube or bus-ride away from the office.

Disclosure: this blog isn’t a space for me to moan and whine about living just over an hour away from Victoria.

Living where I do means that I’m handed an ultimatum when it comes to my commute; I either embrace the dulcet tones of the Southeastern station announcer and let her coax me back my conscious self, or I let the all-too-frequent engineering works further quash my enthusiasm for being awake at 7am on a Monday morning.

The next time you begin your commute and you’re depressed because the sun hasn’t even gotten up yet, remember that it’s only for nine weeks.

…until you realise that real people with real jobs in the real world commute too.

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