17 February 2017

Living Obituaries

Three weeks left. I almost can't believe it. Time flies when you're having fun right?

With two weeks of of placement and one week of exams left, we are by no means finished. During our placement we are also expected to continue with coursework. This includes writing an obituary...about someone who is living. 

This isn't sitting quite right with me. 

What if jinx someone? I am a firm believer in pathetic superstitions. I am that girl that won't step on three drains, if I do I say broccoli afterwards for good luck (obvs), I always step of two drains, saluting magpies etc etc. What if I write about someone and then a week later they drop down dead? I will forever feel responsible. 

Instead of plucking someone out of thin air to write about. We are to go to the death list. I didn't actually know such a thing existed until half an hour ago. The list is where people predict which famous people might die soon. I can't tell if this is all very morbid or just realistic expectations allowing us to brace ourselves for the bad news. 

It's not that extensive but even so it's tricky to choose someone. A few options include Vera Lynn, Kirk Douglas, Prince Philip, Stan Lee and the Queen. I'm just not sure I want to take responsibility for any of these deaths. I reckon Hugh Hefner will be pretty interesting, or maybe George Bush Senior. 

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