06 February 2017

Conquering the phone phobia

As part of the Millennial generation I am more than happy to be glued to my phone sending texts, Whatsapps and emails to my pals but when the time comes to call someone for an interview I panic.

I lose ability to speak and find myself planning a whole conversation on paper before I pick up the phone. When I eventually do pluck up the courage to dial the number I am usually greeted by a friendly voice, and instead of striking up conversation I recite words and questions from my notepad.

This week has been my week to conquer my irrational phone phobia. I forced myself to only right down a few questions I didn't want to forget and instead actually listen to what to interviewee was telling me and I found I had a much more enjoyable experience.

However, now I am well versed in interviewing strangers I am finding that there is an ever-growing need for shorthand so I can document my conversations effectively. Given that I'm only averaging 30 words per minute currently, I feel like I am a long way off from this achievement unless I ask people to talk agonisingly slowly.

Although I still feel much more comfortable behind the shield of my phone texting and emailing, I am relieved that I have finally, in part, overcome the fear to talk to a stranger on the phone.

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