18 January 2017

Zooming in on Video Editing

We're half-way through the second week of the Winter 17 course now and it is already overwhelmingly clear how intensive this course is. 

As usual, today started off with shorthand which is starting to get increasingly more difficult. Since we have such a short amount of time to get to grips with such a detailed language we have to move quite speedily through our workbook. However, I do find the pace of the lessons quite steady.

The rest of today was spent editing the footage we collected yesterday on Adobe Premier. To be honest, I thought that I would find the editing process quite boring but was shocked at how much fun I found it. I think the experience of watching your creation come to life was the most interesting aspect, from organising the footage into a cohesive structure to choosing appropriate cutaways for the interview content.

One thing I will say is you can never have too much B-roll (supplementary footage which plays over the top of your dialogue). When we began our Valentine's Day video project, my group and I thought we had this B-roll footage down; we knew we were going to focus on getting shots of flowers, chocolate, couples and so on. When it came to actually creating the final product, however, it suddenly became clear how much more extra shots we could have got and how tricky it is to cover a piece of dialogue if you have no relevant footage to lay over the top.

All in all, I think video producing has been the highlight of the course so far. I was quite nervous about handling the technical equipment and using software I had never even heard of before but I surprised myself in how much I enjoyed it. 

This few days have not only taught me not to be so nervous to try new things but they have also made me more excited for what lies ahead. 


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