17 January 2017

Out of the office adventures

Nearer the beginning of last week I thought for the blog that going down the route of stress-induced-insomnia and inevitable fear mongering would be unavoidable. However, as the second week begins I feel more positive. I had the weirdest Press Association related weekend that was almost fun/ light hearted and not insomnia inducing at all!

Our task for the weekend was to attend a local event and to find a story that was new and exciting! After some serious trawling through Time Out I decided on Woof Time. An even at a pub in Clapham where people were invited to bring their dogs for actives including doggy aerobics, a doggy fashion show and a dog themed raffle.

Within five minutes, Swarovski, a white miniature poodle dressed in a red fur-lined puff jacket had deposited a small brown wet package in the centre of the floor and with that the mood was set. It was an event filled with absurdity and hilarity and about twenty pooches running around causing chaos. There was even a barking off where guests were shown how to make healthy dog treats!

So if you're considering joining the course or reading this after you've signed up. Just remember that even when you feel so overwhelmed you don't know which assignment to tackle first, try to make the most out of your time out of the office - and if in doubt head to the pub!

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