25 January 2017

TiME: How to make time for yourself during these 9 weeks

During the first three weeks of this course I have really come to appreciate the value of time. Four weeks ago I was in a post-Christmas slumber, waking up at one pm, staying in my PJs all day, nibbling on turkey sandwiches and occasionally, accidentally (on purpose), straying across the odd Jeremy Kyle episode.

Then suddenly I found there weren't enough hours in the day to do everything I needed to do. I spent the first week of the course, putting so much pressure on myself I felt like I was drowning in work. I made no effort to look after myself because I thought I didn't have time to eat, or sleep, or socialise. 

While the work-load certainly hasn't lifted by week 3, I have discovered how to manage my time effectively to complete my work and make time for incentives and treats to add a bit of balance to my life.

Every Tuesday I play an hour-long social Netball game which helps me escape from the everyday struggles of the course and vent out some of my stress and frustrations. I prioritise Netball as highly as my work because without it I would not be able to gain the clarity and perspective to effective write. I can escape from journalism completely guilt-free knowing that the next morning I will feel fresh and ready to start a new day.

And if a few hours a week to yourself still doesn't get you through these 9 weeks, and you got a particularly generous Christmas present from your Grandpa, then why not book a holiday to Puerto Rico 5 days after you graduate! 

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