23 January 2017

The man, the myth, the legend

This week not only have we discovered that David is a whiz when it comes to making short films about food, but he's also got presidential talent to rival Trump's.

On Tuesday, we were sent to the streets of London to film strangers talking about their lunch. Although perhaps a daunting prospect for some, David was unfazed and tackled the task with the limitless efficiency and skill we've all come to love about him. He managed to accost the most hostile of pedestrians, provoke answers about food that Greg Wallace would have envied, and put together a documentary to rival Theroux.

To further his successful week he was elected editor on Saturday. He accepted the title with an admirable humility and has since proved to us that he's taking his position very seriously. The words 'Prime Opportunities' had barely been uttered before he'd presented us with an action plan and a watertight rota.

Although a week of hard work looms, it all seems much less frightening now David's at the helm. In his words: "Let's make Prime Opportunities great again."  

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