11 January 2017

Day 3

So, there ends my third day on the course and my fifth day living in London. To be honest, I was slightly apprehensive about moving down South, even if was for nine weeks. I had lived in Kent five years ago and did not settle from the first moment to the last. It felt so much different from York that it might as well have been in a different continent, let alone another country. Yorkshire folk tend to feel pride for their community, beside the faults it may have. Tunbridge Wells felt very much like the land of the individual.

But London feels different. It is very unique, unlike any city I have been to. Even the perceived shitty parts like tube strikes resulting in a two hour journey, seem to add to its charm; although i'm sure that feeling will wear off quickly. Despite only being here for five days, Chiswick feels much closer to York than the five hour journey would suggest. The old pubs remind me of walking down Micklegate after having several too many.

I studied law at York Uni and while I enjoyed the course, I never felt like a lawyer in waiting. It is difficult to be passionate about easements and implied contract terms. It is not hard to be passionate about journalism. There's no comparison to writing about things that are truly important to people and can potentially help them, no matter how small. As we approach Donald Trump's presidency and a far right resurgence across Europe, the role of a journalist is more vital than ever before and that excites me. It is an enormous responsibility to have.

So I feel at home and am very excited for the coming weeks. I am unsure what the future holds for me, but I know that if I follow what I am passionate about and what will make me great, I will not go too far wrong.

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