26 January 2017

Richard's Diva Moment

Our shorthand teacher, Richard, is a pretty great guy. He is patient, he is kind, he knows Pitman. In short (excuse the pun) he's an all rounder.

However, despite all this it can sometimes be a challenge to stay awake for a whole shorthand lesson. You try learning what is basically an entirely different language at 8.30 am every morning. It can be tough.

But on Tuesday, everything changed. Shorthand was moved to the afternoon, Richard was wearing a suit, we should have known it was going to be different.

It started like any other lesson. We were going through the shorthand motions when, all of a sudden, Richard asked Kat to go on Youtube and type in Whitney Houston. Sorry, what? 

The next thing you know, Richard, quick as a flash, is transcribing the opening verse to 'I will always love you' in shorthand while we all watch agog. 

The whole experience was so strangely moving that I found myself getting a bit emotional.

Yes you read that right, I was moved by a grown man writing shorthand to Whitney Houston. All I can say is Whitney has the voice of an angel and it had been a very long day.

Ultimately, my respect for Richard has sky rocketed. I will sum up the experience using his favourite shorthand word- fabulous.

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