30 January 2017

Packed lunches are the one

For this week’s blog, I have decided not to write anything at all about journalism. I'm essentially studying journalism 14 hours a day, 6.5 days a week, for 9 weeks solidly. Therefore in my free time, writing about me studying journalism does not make my list of top ten things I want to be doing.

So this week my subject of choice is lunch, money and the lack of both. 

On Tuesday morning I was greeted with the fact that my debit card has stopped working. Supposedly this is only an issue with the chip and I still have some money left in my account (overdraft), and HSBC have ensured me I’ll have a new card by Thursday.

In the meantime I have £20 cash to spend this week. At uni in Newcastle, this would have been absolutely fine. I’d pride myself on spending £20 a week, including going out three times that week too. But London, as I have quickly come to realise, is not the same as my beloved Newcastle.

You’d think not being able to access my account would make me really limit my spending. However, to make matters worse I drastically need to do a food shop. Sadly, with no packed lunch buying food out was my only option.

I headed to Pret. Naïve I know. But when it’s cold, wet and you’ve only got half an hour lunch break, wasting time wandering round Victoria looking for a bargain, is less than attractive. But in the comfort zone that is the granola and yoghurt section, I was faced with one of the most harrowing  questions for the 21st century. Why don’t Pret do meal deals? 

It’s just so delicious I can’t help but spend the money if I haven’t got a packed lunch. Their mac and cheese is 10/10 and the soup so great for when I want to pretend my body is a temple. And so my struggles went like this - £3.45 for a soup – lovely. But obviously I want a drink too, ginger and apple juice (diet coke) and some carrot sticks (choc brownie). And somehow I’ve spent £9 on lunch. How? I could have gone to Wagamamas for similar. That’s half my budget for the week gone in one fell sweep.

So yeah, never again, packed lunches it is from now on. I just pray to HSBC that my card arrives asap so I can go buy food to make them with. 

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