20 January 2017

Looking back on our second week

With week two drawing to a close, I think it’s fair to say that in comparison to the first, it’s been far far less hectic. And what a relief that is.

The stress and anxiety of countless submission deadlines on top of equally as intense news classes with Roberta has definitely subsided – or so we think.

Despite this change in pace, that hasn’t meant we haven’t still been hard at work. This week saw us tackle a completely new concept for most of us, which meant going out into the world, asking people their opinions on things, and filming them saying it. Sounds straightforward, right? In case you hadn’t guessed, it wasn’t. Despite what felt like sub-zero temperatures (in hindsight I should’ve worn gloves), I found handling the camera and jumping into conversations with complete strangers oddly exhilarating, and something I definitely would like to do more of in the future. One word of advice (which I’m sure plenty other people have already said but I will stress further): if you think you’ve got enough B-roll footage – you haven’t. No buts, you simply don’t. Get out and film as many close-ups, zooms and pans as you possibly can in the time that you have, because, and trust me on this one, your future self will want to punch you when you discover you don’t have that close-up of an exhaust pipe that you so desperately need.

As well as video editing and production, this week we also had the pleasure of Darshan teaching us the ins and outs of social media and SEO. This was exciting, as on top of learning how to build a community of readers across social media and how to optimize our reach, we also discovered just how little there is that Facebook and Twitter don’t know about us. It’s actually terrifying.

All in all, week two has been an insight into exactly what the word ‘multimedia’ means. A journalist’s life isn’t necessarily just sitting behind a computer screen tapping away at an article. This week we’ve learnt that you can convey news and opinions in a myriad of ways, and, most importantly, you can have fun doing it at the same time.

In spite of today’s historic, if not miserable, events in America, us trainees are optimistic about what the future holds for us. Even if that does mean reporting on the countless promises that Trump is on course to break. 

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