14 January 2017

Friday 13th

It is Friday the 13th. Traditionally known to be a day filled with superstition and super natural happenings.
Unfortunately the only bad luck I experienced today was that I had all my copy returned to me, none of which was fit for submission.

Cue weekend filled with catching up on all the work. Although I should clarify, it's not really a weekend just Sunday as I'll be at Press Association on Saturday, working.

This may sound like I'm in a spiral of depression but I'm just telling it how it is in case any future students are reading this and are thinking of doing the course. You really don't have time to do anything else.

Apart from the copious amounts of work, I do feel like I am making progress. Over the past week I have felt like an over saturated sponge, desperately trying to soak up information without forgetting everything else in my life.

But it's not all bad, today we went to the The Telegraph Travel Show to find stories for our magazine Prime Opportunities. After a slow start we eventually stumbled across a decent topic and even got a cheeky pic with legendary journalist Michael Buerk. So it's definitely peaks and troughs.

Despite it all we have made it through week one, eight more to go.

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