21 January 2017

Everything's Fine

I don't know what everyone's going on about, saying this course is really intense and hard. I think this is fake news. This is a prime example of MSM(trainees) peddling the lines of the global elite to con 'ordinary decent people'; people like you. The pictures are all fake too. Here's the real PA training base:

The computers are in the second hut to the right. Coffee machine in the third one.

At times it feels like we're in that film 'The Beach' where a bunch of good looking people go to an idyllic retreat and, as I recall, it's been a while since I've seen the film, have a great time and come back with loads of happy memories.

"Get that Caseport 50-worder passed first time?" "You know it, buddy."

After the total breeze that was the first two weeks, when we learnt the basics of writing news, how to shoot and edit video, how social media can be used for things other than having a good ol' laugh at great memes, SEO and had loads of stress-free downtime, we're now steaming into week 3. With this transition we're now focusing more on Prime Opportunities, the B2B magazine aimed at the 50+ market that we have to produce by the end of week 6.

Beats have been taken by people (uh, for the uninitiated, 'beats' are news areas to be covered, not physical beatings. They come later) and we're covering the key areas of education/careers, healthcare, tech, lifestyle, travel and finance. Our task for the weekend is to get to know our respective beats so that when we start contacting people for stories, we know what we're talking about. We've also picked the editor (hate to be that sucker!), deputy editor, news editor and deputy news editor, so we're getting organazised too.

Between sessions of beach volleyball, massages and free Mai Tais (oh, and watching this terrifying horror film where a crypto-fascist was sworn in as president of the USA) I've learnt a hell of a lot in the two weeks.
A scene from that terrifying film we watched. Can't remember the name of it.
Some of it has refreshed old learning, some has stamped out dodgy habits (goodbye, secondary clauses. I'll try to remember the good times we had) and plenty has been totally new information.

Already I feel that if I was to go back to any of my previous writing and editing jobs I would be able to offer a lot more, so who knows what I'll feel capable of by the end of next week. Heck, at this rate I might feel ready to edit a major international publication by the end of the course! And if at first they're not willing to hire me, I'll just plant some fake news. Only kidding. Fake news and shoddy journalism could never lead to something that potentially damaging.

Wait... This is from a film, right?

*I have planted four deliberate mistakes in this piece (maybe more, it's a Saturday evening and I'm tired) that violate PA style and grammar rules. If you haven't spotted them all then you better believe you're re-submitting your guesses until you do, sunshine.

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