10 January 2017

Day 2

As day 2 drew to a close, a collective sigh of relief filled the room. Today brought our first shorthand class with the lovely Richard, whose passion for shorthand is (I hope!) infectious. The two hour session went surprisingly fast, and quelled some of my - and maybe others’ - fears about getting the hang of it. After this, Roberta landed us with the second news quiz. Shamefully, I acquired a total of 0/10 points, but for now I’ll blame that on tiredness.

Next on the schedule was writing up press releases. I’ll admit that I initially expected this to be easy; stick to the facts, don’t include waffle and stay within 50 words. I was wrong. Choosing the most relevant bits of information and keeping to the word limit proved more taxing than I’d thought, and the infamous Casepost snippet will probably feature in my dreams tonight.

In sum, I’ve greatly enjoyed the first two days and look forward to the rest of the week. Especially if I manage to eventually hand in a decent copy of the Casepost report. Fingers crossed.

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