25 January 2017

CNN floundering in Trump's media war

CNN's counterproductive decision not to cover Sean Spicer's press conference live will help to validate Trump's claims that the mainstream media have a baseless agenda against the President. Trump's supporters are already fervently against the media and will only become more sceptical of mainstream media coverage with such inflammatory action.

Reporters refusing to hear the tyrannical bluster of the President 

The early days of the President's administration have been characterised by extraordinary attacks on the media. From Trump's press conference with the CIA, branding journalists “among the most dishonest human beings on Earth”, to the decision forbidding the EPA to provide updates on social media or directly to reporters. This is unprecedented activity. 

Trump on Monday declared he has a running war with the media. This war has been running from the moment Trump declared his intention to run for the presidency.
His hard core supporters have believed the media have been biased against Trump from the very start. In a HuffPost poll, 87 per cent of Trump voters believed media coverage had been too negative towards him. Only 17 per cent of Clinton voters thought the same about their chosen candidate. 

But his hard core supporters make up a small proportion of the American population. After all, Trump enters the White House with the lowest popularity ratings of any President in its history. In a CNN exit poll before the result was announced that rocked the world, only four out of ten people were excited by a Trump or Clinton presidency.

Despite Trump voters amounting to nearly 63 million Americans, the vast majority of Trump voters can be turned against him. But CNN's actions will do nothing to welcome reformed Trump voters; only emboldening their views of the media and pushing them into his small, wizened hands. 

Trump wants a war with the media. CNN are giving him one.

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