30 January 2017

Blogs, Biscuits and Brews

It is currently the start of Week 4 of our 9 week journalism course and, quite frankly, I am surprised we did not think of it sooner.

The 'it' to which I am referring is the title of this blog: Blogs, Biscuits and Brews.

As you can imagine, the 6-day-a-week intensive course can take its toll. You start to look for little things to help you get through the weeks of resubmissions, new work and the increasing difficulty of Shorthand.

The silver lining for us was born on Saturday.

I am not clear on who proposed the idea or how it came to be. To be honest, the flurry of excitement blurred the finer details.

But alas, it was decided.

Whoever's turn it was to write the blog on a certain day must bring in a selection of biscuits for the rest of the group. These biscuits would be fuel and sustenance for the group to combat the hard slog of the day ahead.

The quick young things amongst you will have realised that since I am writing the blog today, I was the chosen biscuit-bearer.

In the rush to get to the PA on time I almost forgot but, fortunately, I remembered just in time.

In an aisle of biscuity goodness, the Oreos and Hobnobs beckoned to me.

I was happy with my choice and found the Oreos went down especially well with the group.

I realise now that the 'Brews' part of the title doesn't really have anything to do with this new-found tradition but hey - who doesn't love a cheeky bit of alliteration?

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