23 January 2017

A Dose of Reality

So there ends day 13. It has gone so quickly. I arrived on the first day full of optimism and passion for journalism. I didn't anticipate the cold, stark reality the course presents and the doubts that I now feel. Maybe I was naive. After all, I have no knowledge of the journalism industry. But the reason I am on the course is to develop this knowledge.

My youthful exuberance dissipated as our group were told that in terms of style and grammar, we were the weakest the school has ever seen. Not to be deterred by this, I requested examples of previous work. I assumed the course would be similar to university, where the study of past papers was seen as an important tool in the process. My own expectations, however, have been unrealistic. The course prepares us to figure things out for ourselves, independent of anyone else.

I had always dreamed of writing for a political magazine. On entering the course, I had thought about writing on the US election or the EU referendum for famous magazines like The New Statesman or The Economist. To be told I would be unable to write about these fascinating topics in the short to medium term was very difficult to hear. I was too unrealistic and need to alter my expectations of the marketplace.

My transition from the educational process to an intensive vocational course has not been an easy one. Nevertheless, I have reflected and learned to appreciate that the difficulties I have encountered are part of the learning process.

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  1. Stick with it Olly. With hard work you'll get there, M


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