14 January 2017

3 apps that will save your life on the PMA course

Week one is nearly over, but it’s safe to say we all feel like we’ve been here much longer than that! Intense shorthand lessons, writing countless news pieces, not to mention creating our own magazine has meant we’ve all been pretty busy.

If  - like me - you find it tough to keep track of everything, these apps are complete life savers.

Tube strike, severe delays on the Victoria line and snow are just some of the hurdles we’ve overcome to make it in at 8.30am sharp every morning. Citymapper gives you the most up to date information on transport in London – one less thing to worry about!

The best story ideas can sometimes occur when you least expect it. Evernote is great for jotting things down on the move and also helps you organise the different projects you’re working on.

Sitting at a computer for most of the day can make your brain foggy. Headspace is a mindfulness app that enables you to do 10 minutes of easy meditation a day. When you’re juggling so many deadlines, switching off for a few minutes can actually be really helpful!

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