08 September 2016

Time to say goodbye

We're nearly done!! After nearly nine of weeks of no sleep, eating rubbish and a lot of coffee, we've made it through.

It's pretty fair to say no one was delighted when we found out we would be producing a magazine for businesses which market products and services for the over 50s. (Btw that means the magazine is NOT for the over 50s themselves. Let's not get started on the confusion that caused...and the number of times we were told our content was "TOO CONSUMER!")

Anyway, after a lot of hard work, over just a couple of weeks we created a magazine, tablet app, mobile app and website. It probably was one of the most stressful parts of the course, but I'm pretty sure I was not the only one who felt proud when we were given the final print product:

Only graduation left now! I'm going to miss our dungeon...and most of all our fabulous course friends. How am I going to survive the real world of journalism without them?

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