09 September 2016

IT'S THE LAST DAY - WE MADE IT! 9 weeks later and we're all still alive. There have been trials and tribulations, there's been laughter, there's been tears, there's been friendship, there's been proud moments - there's been a bit of everything. Today is graduation though and we're all smartly dressed, ready to toast our achievements over a well deserved glass of champagne and some nibbles. Some friends are even joining to celebrate with us. We've learnt shorthand, we've made videos, we've found groundbreaking news and written witty Witter profiles. But the time has come to let go of our Mac computers, say goodbye to our computer room, say au revoir to Roberta (for now). Now we're going back into the real world, back into the job market, to attempt to find a journalist job. Reporter, subber, proofreader, B2B, B2C, media ... these are all questions we're going to have to answer now. It's been a blast, it's gone so fast .... signing off...!

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