08 September 2016

If you want to do mag journalism... read this first!!!!

It's the penultimate day and we've been challenged to make a promotional video of Prime Opps HQ.

We can't be bothered, so here's a photo of it burning down.

If you do decide to come to the Press Association (despite there being no building anymore after that unfortunate pasta monster attack), watch out for this creep.

If you think journalism is all glamour and macchiatos, then please peruse the image below at your leisure. Journalists are miserable creatures who spend their lives in basements with no windows, slumped over mountains of paper.

If the journalism thing doesn't work out there's always a career as a flip chart artist for one of us. Or writing insults in shorthand. Can you read it?

For the last few weeks of your course, expect to share the office with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NCTJ). 

That's an example of investigative journalism by the way.

Expect to forget your own name. 

The news people don't have that problem.

Bairbre, you have been immortalised on the award-winning Magazine Journalism blog.

You're welcome.

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