09 September 2016

Can It Truly Be The End?

Nine weeks has shot past so fast! It feels like ages since July and we all rocked up not knowing a thing. We know each other so well now, a far leap from going round the table talking about where we had come from. During these nine weeks I have learnt so much, I think my brain might explode. 

What have I loved the most? I have spent this time - however difficult and stressful and challenging - with a wonderful set of people. We supported each other, we worked together, we cheered each other through everything, we never grew tired of one another. Had there been arguments or even no spark at all, the whole thing would have fallen apart. 

I am proud of producing a magazine and my articles in it. Prime Opps and its audience is not the dream for me, but it taught me far more then working on my dream publication ever could, and thats the point. We have come out with a print magazine, website and app. How many people at the age of 19 can say they've done that!

I have been inspired by this course to start another blog to do with my hopeful future in journalism, and have decided to join podcasting with it after an amazing session with Chris Garrington. I had never even thought of it, or listened to podcasting before but now I really want it to be a huge part of the blog. 

You may see above my work. I am very proud of it. I worked hard for this. 
So long Press Association. You've been amazing.

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