08 September 2016

A STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS.. or something like that.

As I type this I am waiting for my Morrisons own brand pizza to cool down which should give you an idea of how awful my diet has become off the back of this course.

Tomorrow is our final day at the PA, after nine (see Roberta, house style!) weeks of intense training on everything from subbing to making a freakin' magazine out of nothing, we finally graduate!

I would say I'm sad that it is all over but that would be a lie.

I'm kidding of course! This course has probably been one of the best things I have ever done and will ever do. 

It has taught me so much more in nine weeks than three years at university ever did. I think that was down to the fact that we were treated as actually journalists from the start. Roberta is lovely but she doesn't wrap you up in cotton wool and tell you everything is going to be okay. In fact, she does the opposite and tells you that we're all screwed.. in the nicest way possible obviously! 

But that is what you want from a course like this. You don't want to be babied the entire time and fed a bunch of lies about how you're going to all love the course and everyone will love what you write and want to hear your opinion on everything. The best thing I learnt is:  NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK. Which sucks because clearly I am always right, and hugely humble about it too.

God, I am reading this blog entry back and it really has no direction, does it? 

Anyway,  for any of you budding journalists who are reading this blog entry in hopes of getting on to the course I have a few tips for you that should help you once you're on it.

    Actual scenes of me when I am lost mid-transcription

  • Say goodbye to you friends and family. I went to Barcelona before the course and I haven't seen my family since I came back in June. Some of them still think I am in Barcelona to be fair. I should really call them...

  • Accept the fact that you will make mistakes. They're part of the learning process. We've all cried and lost our temper here and it isn't a bad thing. It just shows you're passionate.

  • Roberta is always right. Once you realise this the easier your life will be (she is probably going to read this so HEY ROBERTA!!!

  • Have fun when you're on the course. Yes it is a serious investment and you want to do well but, remember you're going to be with your course mates for nine whole weeks and you're all cogs in one huge machine. Enjoy yourself while you're on the course and appreciate the little things like getting a news story passed by Roberta after 7 re-subs of the same damn story!

    Oh and another thing:


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