08 September 2016


Making a mockery of his previous Guinness World Record, Media Law maniac, A-de Macleod (he's Ghanaian Scots, so pronounced "Our Day"), has burst the dam of Postgraduate Diploma marking, sparking controversy on an international scale.

Macleod was given no opportunity to provide further comment. Under no circumstances was he consulted with regard to this article. Despite this, Macleod said: "I couldn't believe I'd backhand smashed my previous record into next week, at the end of the day. We was backed into a corner and then, well, the rest is history." As he left sentences dangling, left, right and centre.

Having got through the 8 exams in 80 minutes, Macleod sighed and said: "I am truly exhausted." Nonetheless, furthermore, there was no recording of his actions available to the anonymous writer of this article (Ellen J. Finch).

"Moral Rights, Go Home!" Ade said in response to the allegation that he had not attributed the mystery second marker of the Media Law exams. Rumour has it, that Ade, bed-bound and in his slippers was unable to open his eyes after a long day of marking.

"I was unable to open my eyes after a long day of marking," he said. So just who did mark the exams?

Charlotte Flach, a multimedia journalist currently looking for work, said: "He's a liar. He lied. And a lie is a lie. I need a lie-down."

Having scored 91/100 in the Media Law exam, Flach is currently negotiating a contract at the Press Association to become a tutor. "I like Media Law, I'm now a wannabe Media Lawer, init," said Flach, who once spent 21 days in Brentford and London. She has a cat.

We paid out damages on this article in advance. So if you are going to sue, blame the trainers 'cos the trainee ain't listening. Also, I can't pay much tbh

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