03 August 2016

Sub-Editing with Dan Lee

It's day three of sub-editing and Pim has chosen a somewhat upsetting story for us to review and sub - modern day slavery in Scotland. One and a half hours to cut a 4000 word story down to 1000 - it's the quietest it's been in the computer room in the 3 weeks so far as people knuckle down to the task at hand. One individual has taken a somewhat more jovial approach to the task - but more on that from Christabel soon.

The course, taken by the friendly Dan Lee, has been very informative and has flown by. Subbing is not just about butchering a piece and deleting paragraphs 'willy-nilly', you have to consider your audience and respect the original story. We have subbed pieces for the Metro, Guardian, NME and Time magazine, and stories have touched the subjects of Dick Cheney, X Factor and Finding Dory. It's also included public speaking as we've been made to stand up and present our pieces! At first a scary prospect but everyone has coped with it well. We march on!

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