16 July 2016

Week 1, Or, How I Learnt To Not Stress...Too Much

It's Saturday morning, and I'm writing a blog post for a day that has already left us far behind. I feel like an accidental and flustered Dr Who. For the record, this is supposed to be for Thursday, so let's pretend that it is. Flustered is, I think, going to become my new middle name. I'm flustered when I'm getting ready to leave my house at 6:15, I'm flustered when I arrive at Victoria station and I have to get my card out quickly so the Londoners behind me don't murder the backwards-definitely-not-a-Londoner-rural girl. I'm flustered as I wait for the cars to stop long enough so I can cross and hopefully not become roadkill under some taxi's tyres. I'm flustered when I get into the PA and I'm too hot from rushing. And if that wasn't enough, that's even before the work begins.

I would like to point out that all of this should be read with a healthy dollop of sarcasm; I'm actually becoming quite adept at running across roads and avoiding buses now, but as this is the first week, I can hardly claim to be a changed woman when it comes to journalism. I've learnt a lot, don't get me wrong, and I have enjoyed every single lesson whether it be shorthand or realising that 50 words is really not enough in order to write everything you want to. I've even managed to reach possibilities with placements, though the chances of them being incorrectly chosen are still fairly high.

For the first two days, I panicked. It felt like there was so much to do, and consider and then re-consider and re-do, because none of us had really done it right in the first place...
I still feel like there are a hundred and seventy things to do at once, but after being told that I didn't have anything to worry about yet (in a supportive way rather than the ominous way it sounds) the panicking was replaced with a genuine excitement for what was going to happen on every day. The shorthand lessons are excellent, though God only knows how I'll cope once our speed is expected to go up. The news quizzes are a lot of light-hearted fun but enraging when you realise what you've missed from the news, and the answers you almost got. The writing is challenging, but hopefully I am progressing in some ways. The fear of seeing the 'Rejection' box ticked is quite enough to keep you writing feverishly like a little nervous hamster in a wheel; or is that just me?

It has also occurred to me that we are studying in a time that is extremely interesting from a news POV. Obviously there are many periods that feel like this, but what with Brexit, Theresa May becoming Prime Minister, the terror attack on Nice and Boris Johnson becoming the foreign minister, I can't help t feel like this time is a fascinating time to be studying the news. Being right next to the Westminster borough only adds to that feeling of being central; the powerhouse of our country is literally a 30 minute walk away, and it's undergoing a massive haul of powers and ideas.

So Saturday/Thursday has so far shown that I am only a teeny tiny bit stressed, relishing every opportunity thrown my way (apart from Voxpops - talking to people on the street is never something I think I will ever look forward to) and even getting up at 5:30 is becoming normal. Bring on the next eight weeks: I think I'm going to do just fine!

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