19 July 2016

Video shooting in 30 degree heat

Today I felt like an actual journalist. In groups of three we went out and shot video interviews on a subject of our choice.

My group decided to make our video about litter around London, so we headed to Brixton to film overflowing bins and pigeons having their lunch.

Armed with our camera equipment, shot list and sun cream (it was the hottest day of the year today - cue 'sweating' emoji) we set off on our mission to film 12 interviews and 40-50 b roll shots (general footage of stuff to overlay the interviewees' answers).

There are so many things to think about when you're shooting video. First you have to set up the camera and the tripod. It sounds straightforward, but there are lots of little things you need to remember to make sure your shot doesn't end up looking like a different four-letter word beginning with 'sh' and ending in 't'.

Then you've got to make sure the lighting is right, the background noise isn't drowning out the person being interviewed, people are saying relevant stuff, they're not looking at the camera, they're framed in the right place... If one small thing isn't right, it can potentially ruin the whole shot.

The all-important white balance
Our first go at setting up wasn't the smoothest thing in the world. But after a while we got into the swing of it.

Now let's hope we manage to edit all the footage into something half decent tomorrow...

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