25 July 2016

The Underground Computer Bunker-room

I was recalling a while ago my visit to the PA on the day of my interview. Showed into a room where the trainees were, we asked them what we should expect.
'You will spend a lot of time in this room' one girl said ominously.
How right she was.

I refuse to think of the computer room as a room. It looks more like an underground bunker with high up windows that you can't daydream out of, and light that bores into your head the longer you stay there. I've spent days in there now. I longed for daylight the whole time.
Saying that, we did do filming for a whole day last week. I was grouped with Charlotte and Yusuf, and we explored the streets of London looking for interviews on weather, the true British subject. It also happened to coincide with the two day heatwave, which is starting to look like it is the only hot weather we're going to get this year. You know it's a bad summer when you expect better weather in November then July... but I digress.

The heatwave was lovely, and it was wonderful to be out in the sun and heat but after being out there for an hour, it became so hot and there was no breeze. Every movement induced extreme sweating, and drinks reached boiling point if you accidentally left them in the sun for five minutes. I wore jeans so that I could walk around all day without fussing over my outfit. That was a mistake. For the record, jeans and very hot sun make you very very very warm. We scurried into Pret for a quick lunch, shade and basic coolness. They didn't have any air conditioning. Who works on a 30 degree day and doesn't put air con on?!

The day was a little like that to be honest. We strolled off to St James Park to do some nice shots of trees, and sunbathing and relaxing. No sooner had we set up the tripod and camera, and police on horses came along (which always looks like a great job I think) and told us we didn't have a permit and should leave. People were quite friendly and willing to chat about the hot weather, so for me, the hardest part of the situation wasn't that bad. I did a LOT of walking, and found the next day that I was sunburnt, but I didn't really mind that. I minded more that I had to stand in a shot myself pretending to fan myself, which I never want to see again, not because its bad as such, more that I am definitely over-acting.

The next day was spent in the little underground bunker editing the video we had made. I was proud of what I had created, but it nearly drove me mad. There was so much to do, from the interview roll, the B roll, the sound, the titles, the cutting and making sure it all fitted together nicely.
For something that was completed in two days, I think we did really well, all of us.
Now for this week...

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